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Taking to Twitter, the budding actress reassured her followers that the couple's relationship was strictly platonic, despite images suggesting otherwise."Y'all need to chill lol hand holding is a very common thing," she wrote alongside a picture collage of herself holding hands with Lionel Richie's daughter Sofia and two other girlfriends.Her clap back comes after a source told Entertainment Tonight the pair were "just friends, nothing more.A source also confirmed “they’re just friends, nothing more,” when speaking to Entertainment Tonight.Paris was dating Michael Snoody, but ended the relationship in February after less than a year together.Paris Jackson has shut down rumours that she is dating Trevor Donovan.The 19-year-old daughter of the late Michael Jackson was romantically linked to the 38-year-old star after they were photographed holding hands while taking a stroll through in Los Angeles, California, earlier in July.Teddy finds Silver working at the school and tells her that he was once in her shoes.He took care of his mom before she died years back.

He graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design from (2017).

“They are just friends,” Trevor‘s rep told JJJ in a statement.

“Both are big animal lovers and advocates and are working on a ‘Be Pawsome, Adopt! Trevor is big animal and human rights advocate…are friends who want to help the helpless.” To see the photos of Paris and Trevor holding hands, head on over to Daily Mail.

He drops his dad's name and all the damage is undone. Dixon asks Teddy where Silver is, and it is revealed accidentally that Silver and Ethan kissed. Adriana gets mad at Navid for being harsh on Teddy. In line for the bathroom, Adrianna and Teddy share a kiss. Navid is devastated; he was ready to marry Adrianna. Soon, she realizes that he is not interested in having an exclusive relationship with her. She is so preoccupied with her dying mother that she forgets to do the assignment and Teddy ends up covering for her, telling the teacher it's his fault, he left the project at home.

Teddy invites most of the gang on his father's yacht for a day cruise to get to know everyone better. Teddy finds Adrianna and she tells him about landing the part but losing Navid. At the halloween party Teddy overhears Adrianna and Naomi talking about Silver's mother and learns about her condition.