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Even though it is becoming increasingly common for the nuclear family to have its own house, Croatians will take in elderly parents rather than send them to a nursing home. Few Croatians will allow business concerns to interfere with this important part of their lives.

Table manners are relatively casual as people like to eat and chat at meal times.

Location: Southeastern Europe, bordering the Adriatic Sea, between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia Capital: Zagreb Climate: Mediterranean and continental; continental climate predominant with hot summers and cold winters; mild winters, dry summers along coast Population: 4,470,534 (July 2014 est.) Ethnic Make-up: Croat 89.6%, Serb 4.5%, other 5.9% (including Bosniak, Hungarian, Slovene, Czech, and Roma) (2001 census) Religions: Roman Catholic 87.8%, Orthodox 4.4%, other Christian 0.4%, Muslim 1.3%, other and unspecified 0.9%, none 5.2% (2001 census) The Croatian language is a South Slavic language which is used primarily by the inhabitants of Croatia as well as Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Croatian is based on the Ijekavian pronunciation of the Stokavian dialect (with some influence from Cakavian and Kajkavian) and written with the Croatian alphabet.

Affected greatly by the war and largely isolated from the rest of Croatian cultural life it was pure magic. 2017 is our 5th anniversary and we have a lot of news. To keep the family spirit we are turning into to a closed community with a brand new ‘friends of friends’ invitation system.As a former visitor you will get (by a direct email invitation) exclusive access to our website and booking system.Based in the ancient Istrian town of Grožnjan, Ethno Croatia continues to build on the rich traditions of of the area, famous today for its many festivals.In 2010 the picturesque towns of Bale and Poreč on the Istrian peninsula also became important Ethno focal points hosting delightful performances during their “Jazz is Back” series.