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As they are forced to literally walk in each other’s shoes, they gain empathy for one another and learn valuable lessons about their own lives.

Claire Rankin, Darrin Rose, Callan Potter, Jesse Bostick, Kiana Madeira, Eliana Jones, Devyn Nekoda, Kolton Stewart and James Godfrey also star.

In other news, Tabitha popped out baby boy London, seemingly right in the middle of getting a manicure- -and there’s now an official SYTYCD i Phone app. The top 14 launch into a Phantom of the Opera meets Cirque de Soleil (and as Nigel uncomfortably interprets later, 50 Shades of Grey) fever dream of a dance, complete with long stem roses, ropes hanging from the ceiling, and lots of hardcore lip locking.

Why are we honoring her as if she’s arabesquing with Jesus, again? Tonight’s 7 dances will be recreations of Mia’s Greatest Hits- or to put it another way, dancing with furniture!

The Memphis Orpheum looks like a fun theater, from the ornate decorations to the vaulted arches and the cityscape scrim.

fame – excellent singer, ham, and former husband of a dancer – rounds out the judging panel with The Big Boss Man (and former dancer) Nigel Lithgoe and the Conductor of the Hot Tamale Train, ballroom dancer Mary Murphy.

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Two lucky Blog Babes have won advance copies of my next Cupcake Club release, BABYCAKES! ) But first, a quick announcement on more ways to win free stuff! Check out my home page to see all 14 Loveswepts and their re-release dates. But I give her madd madd props for coming back and being willing to give it a go! Val is surprisingly great and patient with her (because he’s drooling over her hot bod and wants her….bad) but that’s a good thing for her.

It’s been two weeks since we last saw each other, but the mini-hiatus is over and I’m back with another recap of So You Think You Can Dance! It’s ethereal, beautiful, haunting, and pretty damn weird.

Tonight’s show will be a tribute to still-alive-but-does-this-mean-she’s-dying-or-what choreographer Mia Michaels, and four more dancers will be destined to a life of county fair appearances and emotional overeating. Cat introduces the guest judges: two dudes “all the way from Britain” (nevermind that of the four judges and host, only Mary is American) who call themselves the Ballet Boyz. Of course, Mia put it together since this is HER NIGHT, people.

The fame hasn’t gone to my head and I’d be happy to sign autographs for a very reasonable price. I gotta say I don’t entirely remember this one, although I do recognize that running part… Instead of a smooth suspended run, Tiffany did what looked more like a series of leaps, which threw off the cadence and destroyed the effect of weightlessness.

She also had her hair flying all over the place (Katie’s was in a ponytail), which was a distraction.