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In an interview with Mr Porter magazine, Aaron claimed he gets 'more fulfillment from being a father.''I'm still constantly wanting to give [acting] up,' he revealed.As for his marriage, he revealed:'I just feel secure and loved and safe.

His second album Aaron's Party (Come Get It) (2000) sold three million copies in the United States, and Carter began making guest appearances on Nickelodeon and touring with the Backstreet Boys shortly after the record's release.At the start of the third episode, one character explained Hotch's absence by remarking that he was on TDY.In episode 12.6 titled “Elliott’s Pond” it was revealed that Gibson’s character, Aaron Hotchner, was leaving his post as longtime head of the Behavioral Analysis Unit after Peter Lewis (aka Mr. The two decided to enter the Witness Protection Program.Hotch begins the series married to his high school sweetheart Haley (Meredith Monroe).They have a son named Jack (Cade Owens), though they later separated over Hotch's dedication to his job.