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In that post, I talked about NIST's Digital Identity Guidelines which were recently released.Of particular interest to me was the section advising organisations to block subscribers from using passwords that have previously appeared in a data breach. Thousands of ladies that are ready to fuck with you just for fun!) is a basic question about Jewish identity and considerations of Jewish self-identification.London police released video that appears to show a jogger pushing a woman in front of an approaching bus.Authorities say the quick-thinking bus driver narrowly avoided hitting the woman, who suffered minor injuries.The most popular entries are found at Best of the world and the older entries found in the archives.

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Donald Trump proposes to cut the number of legal immigrants to the United States in half.

But economists argue that reducing or halting legal immigration to the United States does not necessarily lead to more jobs for Americans.

Venezuela ousts their top prosecutor Luisa Ortega Diaz (a Chavista who has been challenging the legality of Maduro's activities).

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