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You can also do a quick search using the format 'manufacturer/game_name', where the manufacturer (before the slash) is part of the manufacturer name, and game_name (after the slash) is a part of the machine name.

For example: 'bal/addams' will find Bally's 'The Addams Family'.

I believe the Book of Job was written during the time of the patriarchs, 1900 to 1700 BC.

The poetic disputations are set within the prose framework of an ancient legend that originated outside Israel.

The database also includes pitch & bat baseball games, cocktail table machines, bingos, and payout machines ... The data in this database has been laboriously gathered by the Editors over many years, from books, photographs, flyers, web sites, pinball manufacturers, collectors' personal records, and of course the pinball machines themselves.

Most of the actual photographs in the database came from various collectors – over 2,377 different contributors to date.

See full summary » Faces of Death VI is a direct-to-video compilation of the highlights of the earlier films in the Faces of Death series.

Ride 2 Love is committed to bringing people together.

I've decided to organize the statistics and facts into two main areas.

If Job can reasonably be dated in the time of the patriarchs, it becomes a very real possibility that the Sumerian stories derived from Job via oral tradition, instead of vice versa.

The book’s theme is the eternal problem of unmerited suffering, and it is named after its central character, Job, who attempts to understand the sufferings that engulf him.